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What are the product details of roofing sheet metal machine?

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Firstly, for the thickest coil up to 1.25mm, the ribs can't be too many. Normally, one rib is better, since it is difficult to press more than two ribs. The hardness of the mold against the thicker coil is easy to break.

Secondly, the Galvanized Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine shaft and cutting system have to be strong enough for long time using. Thirdly, the power of the roofing sheet metal machine must be large enough to make the machine work. Lastly, the hydraulic power must be large enough to support the cutting system.  

If the coil is too thin, the situation is the same. We also need to customize the tile roll forming machine based on the detailed situation. When you need to customize the roofing sheet roll forming machine, please show me the drawing profile and tell us the material thickness. When you need information about this type of machine, please contact us.

Galvanized Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine