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What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to When Using Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Machine

Nov,06,2023 << Return list

Cut off the electric source before checking the machine.The purpose is to avoid the sudden operation of trapezoidal roll forming machinecaused by the wrong touch of the control button, which will cause safety accidents.Check whether the connection between the parts is tight, whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is sufficient, and whether the oil circuit is blocked.Note the tightness of bolts and nuts.During the trial operation, we should pay attention to observe whether the roller movement of main roll forming system is coordinated.Then we can normally operation the machine after checking and debugging completely.

The operation power of the ibr roof sheet roll making machine is large, so security issues must be paid attention to when the machine is running. Comply with the operation specifications, and arrange for a professional to operate the machine. People who don’t know the structure and operation of the machine are not allowed to control the machine.Place it on a flat ground when the roof sheet machine is working.Once the position of steel runs off, it will affect the qualification of product in the process of the operation of the equipment.So it is timely to pay attention to observe whether the position of the steel is correct with the aim of avoiding the waste of raw materials when feeding raw materials.If there are any abnormality during the operation of the machine, the power source should be cut off and the machine should be stopped for inspection.

After using the machine, the operator should turn off the power source in time to avoid damage to electrical components caused by short circuit of motor, and keep the machine clean by wiping it down frequently to extend the service life of the trapezoidal roofing sheet machine.