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Why choose GEIT Group shutter door machine?

Aug,07,2022 << Return list

Shutter Door Slat Roll Forming Machine according to our knowledge, there are types: European style shutter door machine, Australia style shutter door machine, large hole shutter door, shutter door with U-shaped shutter shape machine hole and others. No matter what type is made by the following process: decoiler automatic punching feeding guide profiling flying cutting saw receiving rack.

Why choose shutter door lath machine? Pillar support frame to ensure the machine works steadily, easy to adjust and repair further. High quality elements like PLC, motor and others. They can make sure guide roll forming machine working long time.

Gear transmission to ensure fast and constant work. Two cutting system options. Meanwhile, based on the flying chop saw, we have our new design to make sure it cuts fast and burr-free.

Shutter Door Slat Roll Forming Machine