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What are the details of purlin roll forming machine?

Aug,15,2022 << Return list

35m to 50m/min high speed C/Z/U profile roll forming machine is designed with the flying follow cutting saw. This purlin roll forming machine is used to produce various C/Z/U profiles, the main machine is driven by gearbox, and the universal cutter adopts fly cutting. Its speed is designed with automatic stacker. 

Here are more details of high speed fully automatic mild steel CZ purlin rolling machine parts: For the unwinder, we recommend the 5 ton hydraulic unwinder. As for the drilling part, we can design as before and after drilling according to the position of the drilling hole and the speed that the customer finally requires. After drilling, the size will be more accurate but it requires a hole at the bottom. Before drilling it is good to drill all the holes at once so that the speed is faster.

For the machine frame we use the molding frame, the thickness is around 45mm thick, quite strong even if when working at high speed, the machine can be stabilized. For cutting, we design using the flight-follow cutting system. With this type, you can increase the speed of 5 to 10 meters per minute.

high speed C/Z/U profile roll forming machine