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Solution For Burrs in The Process of Cutting The Steel Plate

Nov,08,2023 << Return list

When the highway guardrail making machine is working normally,there will be burrs in the process of cutting the steel plates. It is also a frequent occurrence that the cutter can not cut the steel plate off. So how should we solve this problem?

1. Check whether the screws on the slide rail are loose. If they are loose, tighten them until you feel like you just started exerting force.

2. Loosen the oil pressure to the minimum,loosen the oil pressure and adjust screws outwards.

3. Make the cutting knife fall, so that the upper and lower knives overlap about half a centimeter. If the cutter does not move, adjust the oil pressure appropriately.Loosen the lower knife, adjust the external screws, tighten the back and adjust the screws, and tighten the external screws. Electric cutter rise. If you hear a "bang" sound, it proves that the adjustment is too much or uneven. The lower knife should be adjusted inward first, and the upper knife should be readjusted. After the adjustment, use a small piece of steel plate to test the knife.

4.The adjustment of cutter is a careful work, do not be impatient,and pay attention to the oil pressure is not too high.

If the blade of the roll forming machine is not used for a long time, it is best to coat the blade with a layer of lubricant to prevent the blade from rusting. But if the blade is unfortunately rusty, use cotton to stick the lubricating oil and rub the rust scar to eliminate it. You can also use a clean fine brush to scrub carefully.In order to cut and bend the plate normally in your daily work, please be sure to maintain the blade correctly to prevent rust!