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What is the principle of metal composite tile?

Apr,05,2022 << Return list

In fact, the principle of metal composite roofing sheet is very simple, is covered with a layer of aluminum foil cotton film on the color steel plate. Color steel cladding board has the advantages of no dripping, heat insulation, low rain sound, no combustion, low cost, and is the god of protection for chemical plants, brick factories, livestock farms, and other corrosive gas workshops.


It can greatly improve the service life of color steel plate, because the product also has the characteristics of no water in winter, but also the other steel, C type steel purlin play a good protective role to extend the service life.

In this way, using high temperature and high pressure, a variety of films with special functions are compounded together, and the metal composite tile is completed. If customers are interested in this product, they can contact us directly, we can mail samples for customers, provide experimental reference data, let customers experiment before use.