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What is the advantage of new metal composite tiles?

Apr,01,2022 << Return list

New metal composite tile is a new kind of new material roofing sheet. It has so many advantages. Firstly, anti-corrosion. Traditional roof tile because of corrosion resistance, easy to rust, not only affect the production of enterprises, but also increase the late maintenance and replacement cost.Secondly, is heat insulation. General workshop roof tile insulation effect is poor, summer high temperature weather, workshop temperature rises quickly, affect the enthusiasm of workers to produce.

Thirdly is fire, is the serial function. Importantly, is long life. Traditional color steel tile due to the impact of the environment, climate and other natural conditions, the use of 2-3 years will appear rusty water leakage phenomenon, affecting the normal production activities in the factory building.


New metal composite tiles, can be used for breeding farms, factory workshops, coastal areas, etc. With anti-corrosion, sound insulation, anti-aging function, is the upgrading of color steel tile products. GEIT Group provide after-sales service to ensure the use of new metal composite tiles for more than ten years, to solve the various needs of customers.