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The Advantage of PLC

Jul,05,2023 << Return list

PLC stands for programmable logic controller.The PLC manufactured by GEIT GROUP uses internationally renowned brands(Delta, Schneider,Siemens, etc.).As we all know, the service life of brand-name products is long, and the probability of failure is very small.Many large of factories will choose to use GEIT group machines, in the IBR roofing sheet making machine is very famous.

The PLC with touch screen and control buttons of the trapezoid roofing sheet roll forming machine.The touch screen is Delta, the function of it is easy to operate, high in accuracy, and can design various parameters and functions.What’s more,the control button is Schneider.Because if there is no touch screen, then if a button is broken, then no PLC can be used. The electronic contacts in our buttons are made of silver, which has better conductivity, accuracy and long service life.The default language of the panel is Chinese/English, it can also be customized into other languages according to customers' needs.Before delivery, according to the customer's requirements, our factory engineers can set the language, and then pack and ship.The counter adopts Omron counter, which has accurate counting measurement and long service life.

GEIT group has an after-sales team.If you are afraid of machine problems and the distance is too far, you can add the remote operating system of plc when purchasing the ibr roll forming machine. If there is a system problem with this machine, you can contact our engineers to debug it for you remotely from China.Inside the plc each wire is marked with a number or letter, which is convenient for installation and corresponds to each other. As you can see,it is very neat and beautiful to be tied up with wire ties. The aviation plug is used to integrate the lines together, thus avoiding the clutter of interface wires.And our aviation plug is inside the box, which can better protect the aviation plug. It is very troublesome to repair or replace the aviation plug.