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The Introduction of The Decoiler

Jun,25,2023 << Return list

Automatic trapezoidal roof sheet machine is a manufacturing machine from raw material to finished in one of the fully automated machines by GEIT.The uncoiler is the first part of the machine.So what will the new decoiler do on its own?Now let's move on to see .It is a new tool for setting the raw materials.And guide and feeding device will help the materials stay smooth and maintain a constant speed.

Our company currently has three types of uncoiler for you to choose .Manual decoiler,electric decoiler and hydraulic decoiler.Let's look at the manual decoiler first. Manual decoiler is a passive type with simple structure.We designed wheels and brakes on the left and right sides of it.So the manual simple decoiler need 2-3 workers to operate.Compared with our company product, other company product doesn't have the brake, and it will appear the deposition of material.Its advantage is low price.if your annual output is low, you can consider it, and it can save costs for your company.

Next,If your company wants a machine to save labor and produce a large number of products,you can choose hydraulic decoiler.The working speed of decoiler is adjustable.There is the stainless steel baffle of the hydraulic decoiler, which is used to prevent the direct contact between the coil and the machine in order to protect the machine. And the baffle is provided with a groove, so that when the steel coil is hoisted by a sling, it can be conveniently accessed.The automatic speed regulating switch has two functions: 1. Pressing the steel coil. 2. Increase the decoiling speed when the steel coil is lifted; When the steel coil falls to the ground, slow down the decoiling speed, so as to ensure that the steel plate will not pile up in front of the material inlet because of the fast decoiling speed.hydraulic decoiler also has attachment-- Loading Car.It can better assist the uncoiler.