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Do you have a good protection of your rolling machine?

Mar,28,2022 << Return list

The unreasonable use of the rolling machine will cause what problems will be caused to the future use of the rolling machine?

(1) Do not comply with the operating procedures and do not use the rolling machine according to the regulations, continuous overload, so that the machinery is seriously damaged.

rolling machine

(2) In the construction, the unreasonable process arrangement fails to create good construction conditions, and the road is uneven and dusty. The plunger pair, injector and crankcase pads are severely worn, and the sprocket chain travel mechanism will also aggravate the wear.

rolling machine

(3) The maintenance is not timely and the various filter elements are not replaced in time, and even the filter elements are removed.

(4) The viscosity of the lubricating oil is large, and the working capacity of the battery is reduced, resulting in difficulty in starting the engine, aggravated wear of the parts, and the temperature is too high. Lubricating oil becomes thinner, oil pressure decreases, oiliness becomes worse, and wear of parts is aggravated.

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