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Some roll formers in the market have front cutting devices assembed to cut raw materials before roll forming, manual one, electrical one or hydraulic one, but others don’t. Is there any difference and what is the front cutting device used for?

It’s very common to add a front cutter, known as entry shear also, in a metal roofing sheets roll forming machine, or a floor deck roll forming machine (occasionaly front cutter or entry shear can be found on some steel purlin roll forming machine, but that’s the main cutter, and these machines have no rear cutter).

metal roofing sheets roll forming machine

So you might want to ask do I need a front cutter or entry shear assembled on my roll formers? Well, many our clients who need a front cutter/entry shear are small entrepreneurs (there are also big enterprises, but metal roofing sheets are not their main products) and they barely have orders for large amount of metal roofing sheets. For example if they have an order of 3TONS metal roofing sheets model A, and the raw material is 5TONS, so there will be 2TONS raw materials left, and this time if ther are orders for 1TON of roof panels model B, you can use the rest material cut from model A roof panel roll forming machines.

It’s funny to call it front cutter, because it cut all the materials after all the finished products roll formed; anyhow, if you have orders for large amount of the finished products, you may not need any front cutters though it’s a good choice to have them.  

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