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How to adjust the bending machine?

Sep,18,2021 << Return list

How to adjust the roofing sheet bending machine before use?

roofing sheet bending machine

(1) Generally, it is adjusted by the bending machine manufacturer according to the operating regulations of the market share valve, and the customer does not need to adjust it casually. After the market share solenoid coil is adjusted to zero, the zero position and market share valve of the market share valve can be adjusted. The dead zone in order to obtain the market share considering the valve operating characteristics.

(2) There are many hydraulic automatic bending machine manufacturers that manufacture electromagnetic coils in the world, and the market share of different bending machine manufacturers is different. The electromagnetic coil structure characteristics are different.

(3) The market share of the bending machine. The whole process of disassembly and assembly of the electromagnetic coil. After cleaning the various components, the assembly line is started from the beginning. When disassembling the electromagnetic coil, it is generally not necessary to disassemble a part of the electromagnetic coil to prevent the defensive ring from cutting the transmission line.

(4) The market share solenoid coils that have been assembled from scratch after internal division should be adjusted from the beginning in Experiment 3 together with the market share valve, and the zero point and gain value of the bending machine should meet the requirements of the operating characteristics of the market share valve.

(5) The manual emergency organization of the market share electromagnetic coil is used for the manual actual operation management system when the power is turned off or the market share is manipulated by the amplifier. The layout of the bending machine management system should leave the manual actual operation indoor space.

(6) After the market share amplifier adjusts the flutter data signal, the hysteresis should be as small as possible under the premise of the reliability of the market share valve and the steady-state characteristics of the small current data signal.

(7) Even if it is a standardized market share electromagnetic coil, because the manufacturers are different, they cannot be simply replaced with each other. The main problems of the electromagnetic coil are that the relay has no posture, the electromagnetic coil is hot, and the solenoid valve coil is burned. Reason: moisture, The jamming of the hydraulic solenoid valve and the abnormality of the operating current are the key reasons for the destruction of the solenoid coil.

(8) The non-posture of the relay will also be due to other reasons at the level of the electrical equipment of the roof tile bending machine and the hydraulic press, such as the wrong direction of the electromagnetic coil, the plan view of the transformer core of the theme activity is not flat, and the hazard of dirt.

(9) When the relay has no posture, you can use a digital multimeter to accurately measure the middle resistor of the solenoid connected to the light line. If the resistance is large, it indicates an internal short circuit; if the resistance is not large, it indicates an internal short circuit failure and needs to be replaced Into an electromagnetic coil.