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How to choose a roll forming machine

Sep,08,2021 << Return list

A roll forming machine (also called a metal forming machine) is a forming machine that continuously bends a metal sheet to a desired cross section. It is widely used in the automotive industry, manufacturing and construction industries.


Then how to choose a roll forming machine

First, the roll forming making machine should be manufactured with high quality. The quality of the machine can be proven through the parts processing process, assembly process and testing process. Customers can visit the  workshop to observe the processing of machine parts (for example, check the size and handling of the rollers, check the size of the shaft). At the same time, customers can also visit the assembly workshop to view the machine assembly. Work experience in assembling and fixing defects is important. Check the appearance of the finished machine and whether the structure of each device is reasonable. Testing is the most important part to prove the quality of the machine, and any problems can be directly reflected in the actual test. Customers can view the test in the manufacturer’s factory, or request to visit other users’ factories to check the actual production. Long-term operation and mass production can determine whether the machine is stable.

Secondly, the machine manufacturer should have sufficient experience and ability to accept customer technical requirements and provide professional advice. Choose a suitable configuration. Roofing sheet Roll forming machines are not standard machines. In most cases, each machine is different for different customers. The manufacturer should advise the user to determine the appropriate profile. (For example, the roof profile should be determined according to the local rainfall, wind conditions, local steel coil width, steel coil thickness, whether the profile is acceptable in the local market, etc. Choose an economical machine structure.)

All customers are always looking for cheap machines. But most of them ignore the machine configuration. A good machine manufacturer should suggest a reasonable machine structure to make the machine economical and ensure good quality. The structure is related to raw materials, profiles and working speed.

Make a decision based on the actual situation of the customer. This is a complicated topic, and we should do it in real situations. Just an example here. Different machines have different operating speeds to achieve different production. When customers need higher output roll forming machine, we usually recommend them to use a single-layer roll forming machine. However, if the market demand is low, we can recommend them to buy a double-layer roll forming machine, an interchange roll forming machine or a cassette quick change roll forming machine. In addition, most Europeans have limited machine placement space, so they want to use a double-layer roll forming machine or a cassette quick-change roll forming machine.

Third, the service will never be terminated after shipment. After-sales service is very necessary to provide a good machine, and it must be a turnkey project. This process requires the machine manufacturer/supplier to provide a higher level of service. Not only should the manual be prepared, but also fast door-to-door service should be provided.