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Advantages of cold-formed steel

Sep,22,2021 << Return list

Cold-formed steel, which is a kind of finished steel, after cold-formed by cold roll forming machine to get the product,is mainly used to make light steel structure, its section can be various complex shapes, and through the section can be to improve the strength of the section.

The advantages of cold-formed steel, mainly these points are as follows.

(1) Good economic cross-section characteristics, it can be selected according to the member force to choose the appropriate cross-section form, give full play to the characteristics of the cross-section, so that the cold-formed steel becomes more economical and reasonable.

(2) The section material distribution is reasonable, the radius of gyration is large, and the bending and torsional resistance is consumed, so that steel can be saved.

(3) There are various product specifications, and the size can be various instead of a single one.

(4)It has high strength and good anti-corrosion performance.

(5)Its weather resistance is good and its processing cost is low, so its economic benefits are more significant.

(6) It can effectively save resources and energy, and also can reduce processing costs and avoid pollution to the environment.

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