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Factors affecting the life of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Mar,25,2022 << Return list

Do you know the factors that affect the life of a double layer roofing tile making machine? Now let me tell you.

1. Hydraulic and pneumatic device power and speed.

In the technical parameters of double-layer color steel tiles the power and speed of the rotor is related to the extent of the impact hardening, hydraulic lever, in turn, affect the service life of the hydraulic system, so we put the technology parameter is set to a certain range, cannot appear too big or too small, thus influence the service life double layer roof sheet machine. 

2. Internal gap size

Various hydraulic pressure roller and the clearance between the hydraulic lever should be piled up into a uniform and consistent, cannot appear too close or too far away, a pressure big a head of short time led to produce a product quality unbalanced, so this is also we need to pay attention to the colored tile press, glazed tile press machinery such as above is often happened in- production.

3. Hydraulic system material and quality

The material structure of the hydraulic shaft used in the manufacture of hydraulic system affects the mechanical properties after heat treatment. Manufacturing reasonable and scientific casting process and heat treatment process is an effective method to solve the problem that hydraulic shaft is prone to fracture when it is used. After heat treatment, the production of raw materials will increase, and the overall increase of the tightness and pressure resistance of raw materials will achieve long-term use without deformation and fracture.

This is the factor that affects the double layer roll forming machine metal.

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