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What is the main forming machine of RIB tile press roll forming machine?

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RIB roll forming machine

The main forming machine is divided into two kinds of forming methods: separate forming and integral forming. The number of integral forming roller rows is less, the body is shorter, saving space, and the cost is also lower, but the formed product will appear bending phenomenon, but does not affect the normal use; The smooth and beautiful degree of products after the separate forming is better than the integral forming products, but the separate forming roller rows number is more, the body length is longer, machine price cost more, and the floor area is larger. 

Our company RIB roll forming machine body usually adopt a # 350 or # 400 h-beam welding fabrication, the thickness of the plate in the 20 mm or 22 mm, with enough material, the body structure is more stable and reliable, set inside the cross arm or inclined strut, to avoid the machine under the high strength work appear the body deformation and machine damage, and avoid produce a product defective caused by the body deformation, the and avoid product defects caused waste, and so on. Forming unit structure can be divided into medium-plate type, memorial arch type and guide post type. The most commonly used is medium-plate type structure. The products produced by memorial arch structure have good performance, while guide post type is rarely used, mainly to meet the needs of specific markets. And transmission way is mainly divided into chain transmission, gear transmission and gear box, one of the most used is the chain, gear transmission and gear box can provide more stability and greater driving force, but the cost is higher, the chain drive is divided into external chain type (single and double chain) and the internal chain type, but the internal chain type is not recommended because maintenance can become difficult operation, daily maintenance is not convenient to customers. The axial diameter of the roller shaft is usually 70mm, 80mm, 90mm. The shaft is equipped with positive and negative screws or double nuts and backstop pads to prevent the shaft from becoming loose, which makes the design more reasonable and can still be used normally after many years of use. 

The roller of RIB roll forming machine is the key of the whole equipment, the material of the roller is roughly divided into 45 # steel, Cr12, GCr15, GCr12MoV, is through the materials in the roller forging, primary machine machining, quenching 58 ° to 62 °, secondary machine machining, milling machine keyway machining, polishing, plating hard chromium processing, such as through multi-channel process to ensure that the roller surface more smooth, and strength of the roller, and the sheet to avoid surface scratch at the same time make the roller has a longer service life, because my company's roller surface chromium layer thicker, fine surface finish, so the quality of the roller is higher, but greatly increased the cost of production, So the overall price of the equipment goes up; In addition, some roller wheels are equipped with bearings to ensure the linear speed of the upper and lower roller wheels, so as to improve the product quality. And because the embossing roller bearing more force, so the embossing roller usually use bearing steel and generally used for quenching treatment, which has a high hardness and high production cost. If customers have needs, protective cover will be installed on the molding host machine. Everything starts from customer needs and customer experience to meet customers' different needs.

RIB roll forming machine