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How does the shearing part of the roofing sheet machine work?

Dec,25,2020 << Return list

The cutter of roofing sheet machine is divided into electric cutting device and hydraulic cutting device. The hydraulic cutting device is equipped with a common hydraulic station or a hydraulic station with a fan, only to meet the needs of customers in different production environments to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the normal production of customers; The cutting device is divided into connecting rod structure and guide column structure according to the structure. At present, our company mostly adopts the guide column structure, because the guide column structure is more stable and can guarantee the product quality, but the cost is higher.

The stacker of roofing sheet machine can be divided into simple stacker and automatic stacker. The simple stacker is generally equipped with 3m manual structure and can be customized according to customers' requirements, while the automatic stacke can realize automatic palletizing function, which makes the overall equipment more automatic and reduces the number of workers. According to the different needs of customers to choose different configurations.

Different operating languages can be used on the console, and the internal appliances of the console are all used by international famous brands such as Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Delta, Mitsubishi, etc., to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment and give customers a more excellent experience.

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