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How to install light keel roll forming machine?

Dec,01,2021 << Return list

Light keel roll forming machine installation method:

1. The elastic line

Use level in the room (column) Angle on each wall take out point (if the wall is longer, the middle is also appropriate to copy a few points), pop-up level (level line above the ground shall generally be 500 mm), from the standard line to condole carries on the design height plus 12 mm (the thickness of a layer of white bone plate), with a chalk line (column) along the wall popup level line, for suspended ceiling keel namely skin under line.

At the same time, according to the ceiling plan, in the concrete roof pop-up main keel position. The main keel should be divided from the middle of the ceiling to both sides, the maximum spacing is 1000mm, and mark the fixed point of the boom, the fixed point spacing of the boom is 900 ~ 1000mm. If the beam and pipe fixed points are greater than the design and specification requirements, the hanger rod fixed points should be added.

2. Fix the hanging rod

The hanging rod is fixed with expansion bolts. Not on the ceiling, the length of the boom is less than 1000mm, can use φ6 of the boom, if 1000mm, should be used φ8 of the boom, should also be set up reverse support. The boom may be made of cold-drawn and coiled steel bars, but coiled steel bars shall be mechanically straightened. For the person's ceiling, the length of the derrick is less than 1000mm, the derrick of φ8 can be used. If it is larger than 1000mm, the derrick of φ10 should be used, and the reverse support should be set.

One end of the boom shall be welded with L30×30×3 Angle code (the aperture of the Angle code shall be determined according to the diameter of the boom and expansion bolt), and the other end can be covered with a screw larger than lOOmm by tapping, or the finished screw can be purchased for welding. The suspender made should be treated with anti-rust. The suspender is fixed on the floor with expansion bolts and perforated with an impact hammer

3. Hang the hanging rod on the beam

1) The hanging rod shall be straight and have sufficient bearing capacity. When the embedded rod needs to be extended, it must be lap welded firmly, and the weld seam should be uniform and full.

2) The distance between the boom and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm, otherwise, the boom shall be added

3) Additional hanger rods should be installed for ceiling lamps, tuyere and access ports.