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Why choose double-layer roofing sheet machine

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Why choose double-layer roofing sheet machine

In order to meet the needs of forming two different profiles on a limited site area, the product can be quickly changed, the double-layer roofing sheet machine (double-layer color steel tile forming machine, double-layer integrated equipment) has also been designed and manufactured. This double-layer roll forming machine changes between high or low racks, producing a type of sheet installed on the low rack, and producing another drawing of plate installed on the high rack.

double-layer roofing sheet machine

The production line only need an uncoiler and a cutting system. If the color steel plate enters the low-layer roll, a plate shape (such as a flat-house draped and laminated plate) is formed, such as the coil enters the high-rise roll, and another section (layer panel) is formed.  

Double-layer roll forming machine, the appearance of this kind of equipment greatly saves space, the time to replace the two plates has also become shorter, and the output rate has been improved.