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Advantages of Our Hydraulic Decoiler

Oct,26,2023 << Return list

Hydraulic Decoiler is one of types of decoilers in our company-GEIT Group.Please allow me to introduce some advantages of our hydraulic decoiler .

At the first, the core tension of decoiler is controlled by hydraulic station, and the hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure maintaining device. When the motor stops running, the core will maintain its original tension and will not relax easily.

The next one is that the stainless steel baffle of the hydraulic decoiler is used to prevent direct contact between the steel and the decoiler, and it plays a role in protecting the corrugated roofing sheet machine. This baffle has a rectangular groove.The sling can be removed from the groove when the steel coil is lifted by the sling and installed on the decoiler.

Thirdly,our hydraulic decoiler is equipped with four circular arc arms , which will keep the steel coil in shape.

Forthly,the design of the dovetail groove can adjust the diameter of the decoiler. It is more stable than the general connecting rod type and it is not easy to slide.Besides, this dovetail groove type has better bearing capacity and it can support the heavy coil.

Fifthly, the hydraulic decoiler can add a pressing arm to make the coil stable and prevent curling when the thickness of the steel coil is very thick (over 0.8mm). And a supporting arm is used to improve the bearing capacity.

Last but not least,the loading car has a nylon plate with lower rigidity than the steel to prevent the steel coil from damaging.There are two types of the car:X structure type and guide pillar type. The former has long travel distance but small bearing capacity and the latter has short travel distance but large bearing capacity. 

The above contents are the characteristics of our hydraulic decoiler. Please contact with us at any time if you have any questions.