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Introduction to Decoiler System

Oct,25,2023 << Return list

The roofing sheet machine of GEIT Group is composed of six parts: decoiler system,main roll forming system , hydraulic station, electric control system, shearing mechanism, products receiving table. Next, what I will introduce is the first part: Decoiler System.

Decoiler System is specially used for metal material processing. As the first step in the operation process of roof tile cold roll forming machine, decoiler System plays an irreplaceable role. 

There are two types of decoiler system produced by our company: manual decoiler and hydraulic decoiler .

Manual decoiler is a regular and passsive type. Compared with other company product, our product is equipped with manual wheel and brake, convenient for decoiling material. At the same time,it will not appear the deposition of material.This type is simple in structure and low in cost.However, it has difficult in loading because it needs to be manually lifted by a crane.

The second one is hydraulic decoiler,an active type. It is powered by the motor reducer, can automatically start or stop working according to the running speed of the main roll forming system. Besides,rotary arm design is convenient for loading and unloading steel coils, which can be easily operated and used by one person. So this type can save labor.Its disadvantage is that it is more expensive and takes up more space than the other type.

Above are the two types of decoiler in our company. You can choose the product according to your own needs.

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