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What Problems Will Occur in The Early Use of Glazed tile roofing sheet machine?

Oct,30,2023 << Return list

In the early stage of use, the operator and the machine will have a run-in period, so what are the problems that often occur in the run-in period?

The newly assembled glazed tile roll forming machine has a certain running-in period, and due to the influence of various factors such as bumps

 during transportation, the original fastening parts will be easy to loose.Therefore, when the machine is assembled, it must ensure the tightness 

of the parts and be fastened at the appropriate strength. Not too tight, not too loose.Because the space of many parts belonging to the newly 

assembled glazed tile making machine are too narrow, and there are many situations in the assembly process, it is difficult to ensure the

 uniformity of the space between two adjacent parts.Therefore, we often add lubricating oil to the machine to ensure compatibility between

 accessories.If the lubrication is not done well,there will be difficulties in the operation of parts such as chains or gears of glazed roof forming machine.

The rough surface ,the uneven pressure of the new accessories and other factors lead to the friction and impact of parts on each other in

 the production process of the glazed roofing sheet roll forming machine. Metal debris generated by friction is used as a raw material to continue the 

friction,which accelerate the damage to accessories.These three points are easy to appear in the early stage of use,and these problems is applied to a

 lot of machinery. Therefore, strict assembly is the key to the sustainable production for a machine.

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