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Features of cold-formed storage rack roll forming machine

Sep,24,2021 << Return list

Features of cold-formed storage rack roll forming machine

1. High production efficiency, low labor cost investment

One time to achieve continuous production from coil loading to single-piece molding off the line, high production speed, and only 3 minutes to change the production specifications, short time.

Adopting automatic industrial control technology, compared with the traditional scattered multi-process and multi-person processing, the whole line can be operated by only one person for inspection, which not only significantly reduces the number of operators from multiple to one, but also reduces the labor intensity of manpower, eliminating the need to rely on human handling and positioning; it also significantly reduces the ability requirement of operators, greatly reducing the labor cost.

2. Save material, can produce a variety of specifications

Adopting CNC stepless and rapid specification adjustment technology, there is no need for debugging work after changing specifications of shelves pillar, which can save a lot of trial scrap due to changing specifications, save board input cost, and save a lot of time.

Production width range can be designed according to user requirements, steplessly adjustable; width, length and height range are designed according to user requirements; each parameter size is set by operator.

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