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An article tells you about the formation of trapezoidal tiles

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The main roll forming machine is the main forming body of the trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine. Generally, the main motor power is 4KW or 5.5KW. Of course, it can also be designed according to your drawings as you want.It sets several rollers aimed to form the coil sheet into trapezoidal roofing sheet.

There are two kinds of main forming machines produced by our company, one is integral forming, and the other is split forming. If your company covers a large area, you can choose to split forming, because the product produced is more accurate. About the split forming type ,roller stations will be more than 20 rollers, so this type need a larger space, also it will cost much more than integral forming type. But the product after split forming is much better than integral forming. More flatter and more beautiful.About the integral forming type machine, roller stations will be 14-16 rows. generally, it is little than split forming type. So that the integral type will save the space and the price is lower than split forming type. But the product, after integral forming, will appear to bend, and it doesn't not affect normal use.So what makes it work? Its work is driven by an electric motor.Motor driving type is the most common in daily work, because it is low-cost and easy to use.Without it, the main forming machine will can’t work.

The raw materials are put into the drum of the uncoiler through the feed car, and enter the main forming machine from the feed port. There are hand wheel on both sides of the feed port on the main forming machine, and the feeding width can be adjusted to make the raw materials more flat.When the raw material enters the molding stage, the PLC process issues the cutting instruction, the trapezoidal tile comes out, and the work task of the main forming machine is over.