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The Details Of Hydraulic Decoiler

Jul,16,2023 << Return list

Hydraulic decoiler is the advanced configuration of trapezoidal roof sheet machine.To start and stop working controlled by motor reducer.The function of it is to support the coil and make the decoiling.And the working speed of decoiler is adjustable.


Here is a detailed explanation of the hydraulic decoiler.The core tension is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the hydraulic system is provided with a pressure maintaining device, so that the core tension can not be relaxed after the motor of the hydraulic station stops. The hydraulic motor provides power to actively decoil and discharge materials, which can automatically stop and start according to the running speed of the main roll forming system, and the stepless variable speed motor can also adjust the output speed of the motor at any time.It also has added to rotary arm design is convenient for loading and unloading steel coils.But also has stainless steel baffle of the hydraulic decoiler, which is used to prevent the direct contact between the coil and the trapezoidal roll forming machine in order to protect the coils. And the baffle is provided with a groove, so that when the steel coil is hoisted by a sling, it can be conveniently accessed. 

When the thickness of the steel coil required by the customer is very thick, we will to add a pressure arm to the decoiler to ensure the decoiler is smooth and the steel coil does not bounce.The supporting arm is used to improve the bearing capacity of the decoiler so as to place heavier steel coils.The automatic speed regulating switch has two functions: 1. Pressing the steel coil. 2. Increase the decoiling speed when the steel coil is lifted; When the steel coil falls to the ground, slow down the decoiling speed, so as to ensure that the steel plate will not pile up in front of the material inlet because of the fast decoiling speed.

The supporting arm is used to improve the bearing capacity of the decoiler so as to place heavier steel coils.In addition,our factory provides many types of  loading car to assist loading.

  Hydraulic decoiler of the ibr roll forming machine can help you feed more smoothly and is related to the quality of the product.What’s more,can save labor, only a worker can complete the work.