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The Article About The Main Frame

Jul,19,2023 << Return list

The main frame is the bottom of the trapezoidal roof sheet machine.The main frame produced by our factory are mainly made of 350# (standard ),400# or 500# H-beam steel welded,and its height will be 350,400,500mm.

Our factory has sets up inclined struct and bolster, in order to improve the strength of frame.The materials we use are H-shaped steel while other merchants use U-shaped steel. As we all know,U-shaped steel is unstable and easily damaged during use and transportation.The levelness of the large frame is very important. Our large frame is not easy to bend and deform even after being moved and hoisted many times. It is not easy to be damaged during transportation and can remain stable. Some manufacturers' large racks are deformed during transportation, and their levelness is affected.As the machines are assembled before delivery, there is no way to repair them, which will cause serious consequences that the whole machine can't run normally, and it can only be a pile of scrap iron in the hands of customers.


The frame is like the chassis of a car. Only when the big rack is strong enough can the ibr roofing sheet making machine always meet the performance of the equipment. If the big rack is not strong enough, the ibr sheet roll forming machine will be affected in the subsequent production process. Therefore, our big frame is thick, welded firmly, and has a large volume and weight. We enlarged the self-weight of the big frame, and used the diagonal brace and cross brace that matched with our own. Ensure that the customer buys the equipment and gets the intact equipment.We also designed lifting ear,lifting hole and lifting foot on both sides and bottom of the frame for easy loading and discharge.