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What are the advantaged of our hydraulic decoiler?

May,22,2022 << Return list

The core increasing is controlled by hydraulic station.Pressurizer is in order to keep the hydraulic pressure, it can keep the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic decoiler to prevent the deposition.Additionally, it is actively decoiling, and the decoiler start and stop are controlled by motor reducer.And the working speed of decoiler is adjustment.

Advantages of our hydraulic decoiler:Firstly, the disc has an opening for easy removal of the sling. Secondly, some decoilers have tracks under them, which can cover multiple machines. Thirdly, the decoiler trolley has nylon plate, which can not only have hardness and strong support, but also protect the material.

 And the four fins are arc-shaped, and the protection effect is better for materials with higher grades. Lastly, the advantage of the diagonal bracing of the dovetail groove is that the decoiler will stop at whatever angle the decoiler supports.