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Why do we have two hand-wheels on one side in the feeding device we designed?

May,26,2022 << Return list

The glazed tile roll forming machine is one of our products.Its products is glazed tile.Glazed tile has three types. They are positive arc glazed tile, slant arc glazed and bamboo.Why do we have two handwheels on one side in the feed material we designed?

The one is an upgraded version. It mainly has a more fine-tuning function than that one. It guarantee raw materials before entering the first row of molds. It is already in line with the first row of molds. In this way, the molding is more stable, and the raw materials are less suitable for deviation.

Glazed tile produced by glazed tile making machine mainly used to decorate the roof. high strength, water proof , beautiful appearance. Specific specifications will be determined according to customer requirement. 

 glazed tile roll forming machine