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How to maintain the roll forming machine in the colder and colder season

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When the winter comes, the weather turns cool and the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger. GEIT GROUP reminds you that it is very important to take care of and maintain the full-automatic roofing sheet making machine

How to maintain the roll forming machine in the colder and colder season?

1. Clean the machine in time without too much dirt, which will affect the normal operation of the machine.

2. Even if there is no project or order in winter, start the machine in time to ensure that the machine can run for about 10 minutes.

3. The chain of the roll forming machine shall be oiled in time to ensure its normal operation and avoid jamming.

4. For the maintenance of hydraulic pump station, the hydraulic pump station shall be covered with anti freezing cover in winter.

5. Pay attention to the maintenance of the motor. For snowy weather, especially after heavy snow, cover the motor with protective cover.

By doing the above, the machine can basically survive the winter. I hope new and old customers will pay attention to this problem.

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