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What Is R Panel?

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The R Panel is produced by R planel roll forming machine

R panels are a low maintenance, durable metal roofing alternative to traditional roofing.

It is ideal for retrofitting existing composite tiles, saving time, labor and handling costs, which means a lower overall cost of the project.

Choose from many designer colors for a sleek, attractive look.

R planel roll forming machine

R PANEL Specifications:

1.Close to a 35/40 year limited paint warranty

2.A wide selection of colors

3.Hail Resistance - Underwriters Lab Level 4

4.The high temperature resistant

5.Wind resistance

6.Almost free of maintenance

7.26 Gauge - Commercial grade steel

8.Energy efficiency

9.Greater life expectancy

10.Excellent durability

11.Possible insured savings

R planel roll forming machine