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METAL ROLL FORMER: PU rolling shutter slat production line

Jun,18,2021 << Return list

METAL ROLL FORMER: PU rolling shutter slat production line

PU roller shutter slat is the slat with PU insulation, and the raw materials are mostly Aluminum, some Galvanized steel. It look much the same like the single shutter slat door, however the core is different: PU insulation. Single shutter slats has nothing insulation, and while PU shutter slat looks more like a sandwich, two single slats at top and bottom with PU foam in the middle.


The production equipment for PU rolling shutter slat is not just a roll former. It’s a whole automatic PU rolling shutter slat production line. The line includes decoiling, roll forming unit, PU foaming unit, heating-insulation unit, cutting unit, control unit, and exiting table. The PU rolling shutter slats are more popular in Europe and American markets for the weather and apperance reason.

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