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Pros And Cons of Different Decoiler

Sep,11,2023 << Return list

General Industry Tech Hebei Developing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, which can 

provides best quality machine, good technical support and perfect after-sales service. GEIT Group can manufacture IBR roofing sheet machine

glazed tile roofing sheet machine, double layer roofing sheet machine,etc. There is a very important equipment during operation and it is also 

first step of the processing process: Decoiler System. Decoiler System is used to unfold the coil to ensure the precision and quality of the coil 

during processing. There are three types of decoiler that our company created:

Manual decoiler, Electric decoiler and Hydraulic decoiler.

Manual decoiler:

Advantages: It will cost you low price. And it has simple structure,equipped with manual wheel and manual brake, convenient for disassembling 

materials. Compared with our company product, other company product doesn't have the brake, and it will appear the deposition of material.

Disadvantages: It needs to use a crane to manually lift the material, and it is difficult to load. And it driving passively by the forming machine.

Electric decoiler:

Advantages: Simple structure, low cost, motor provides power for active decoiling.

Disadvantages: When the size of the material changes during use, the speed may be unstable and easily break. Generally not recommended for use.

Hydraulic decoiler:

Advantages: Easy to load and saves labors. Actively decoiling and it is powered by the motor reducer, can automatically stop or start decoiling 

according to the working speed of the main roll forming system. Rotary arm design is convenient for loading and unloading steel coils, which 

can be easily operated and used by one person.

Disadvantages: It will cost you high price. Need more space to place the machine.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the three uncoiling machines. You can order according to their own needs.