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Other Devices of Our Roll Forming Machine

Sep,03,2023 << Return list

I will give two devices of our roll forming machine in this article: plate shearing device and film-covering device. They are not shown on the process 

flow diagram but they are also important.

First, plate shearing, it is suitable for the equipment for changing steel coils with high frequency. It is use for cutting steel coils in advance is convenient 

for changing steel coils and reducing the waste of steel strips. The shearing device is usually installed between the feeding guide and the first row of 

rollers. It is an optional accessory, which can be recommended according to different needs of customers. There are three types of shear devices: manual 

broach, electric broach and hydraulic shear. Manual broach has compact structure, so it has small space occupation and it is easy to install, and you can 

purchase it with low cost. The cutting thickness is within 0.6mm, so it is suitable for veneer forming machine; Electric broach is similar with manual 

broach in some place, such as compact structure, small space occupation, easy installation and low cost. The cutting thickness is within 0.8mm, so it 

is suitable for single layer forming machine. However, it is easily damaged, so this type of broach is not recommended; The structure of hydraulic 

plate shearing is the same as the forming shear, and it shares the hydraulic station with the shearing mechanism; It can be adapted to the host control 

system to realize automatic cutting when the production task is completed; The cutting thickness is within 2mm so it is suitable for floor decking 

forming machine.

Second ,film-covering device, it is usually optional fittings of single layer roof sheet. It usually consists of a film-covering bracket and a row of rubber 

shafts. Some countries or customers require that a thin film be coated on the steel plate so that the film-covering device should be added.