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my feelings after pbr panel roll forming machine technical discussion meeting

Nov,27,2020 << Return list

Last week, we have a meeting to learn about the product knowledge of pbr panel roll forming machine for new recruits. The content of the meeting mainly included the PPT explanation of the salesman's product knowledge of the roll forming machine and the manager's answer to technical questions.

pbr panel roll forming machine

What I do is to explain the product knowledge of the trapezoidal tile roll forming machine, glazed roll forming machine and floor deck roll forming machine. The content is mainly about the main components of three different equipments, equipments work process, products useage, product advantages and disadvantages and some common profile drawings etc.

The pbr panel roll forming machine mainly includes uncoiler, forming, shearing, receiving table, PLC control system and hydraulic station. The unwinding part is generally equipped with 5T manual uncoiler as standard. Others such as electric uncoiler and hydraulic uncoiler can be selected according to different requirements. We have also improved a lot in the inlet of the forming part, the structure is stronger, and it is also convenient to adjust the feeding width. The base frame of all equipment is mostly made of 350#H steel and 400# H steel, and the thickness reaches 20-22mm. The material is very sufficient, and the corss brace or diagonal brace are added in the base frame. The material is the same as the base frame, which is stronger and firmer. For the forming frame, we generally adopt the middle-plate type and the arch type, depending on the configuration required by the customer. We use 45# steel for the roller shaft, quenched. The rod is thickened and hardened, and the spacer is chrome-plated, which will not rust. The rollers are made of 45# steel, chrome-plated and quenched. Some rollers are equipped with bearings inside to avoid paint problems caused by inconsistent line speeds. There are two main forming methods for IBR roll forming machines: one is split forming and the other is integral forming. Split molding has more rows than overall molding, so it occupies a larger area and is more expensive, and the finish IBR plate effect is better than overall forming. The transmission mode is generally chain transmission and gearbox transmission. The cut-off part is generally equipped with hydraulic cut-off, if the temperature is particularly high or particularly low, choose electric cut-off. The blade is made of Cr12, and the cutter is very strong. 

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