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How good is the quality of our rollars and shafts on our cold roll forming machines?

Jun,08,2022 << Return list

Usually our rollors material choose 45#, Cr12, GCr15, GCr12MoV. Rollar process flow through the roll raw material through forging, machine tool processing, quenching to 58°--62°, secondary machine tool processing, milling keyway processing, polishing, electroplating hard chromium treatment, and finally processed into a roll.

The coating is thicker, the surface coating is smoother, and the service life is longer.According to different product requirements and configuration requirements, we can select different roll material.

The shaft diameter is 70mm, 80mm, 90mm. Also it will design as customer requirements. The shaft are made of 45# steel or 40Cr by sawing, quenching and tempering, lathes, cylindrical grinders and milling machines, and other process.

 rollars and shafts on our cold roll forming machines