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How good is our main frame of cold roll forming machines?

Jun,04,2022 << Return list

Many customer feedback our machine has high quality.So today I will introduce you something about the frame of cold roll forming machine.

Firstly, usually 350# or 400# h-beams are welded. Compared with other companies' frames, our company's frame is more stable and reliable. According to different requirements, sometimes we choose 500# h-beams to make large frames to improve the strength of the frame and prevent breakage during delivery.

Secondly, the material we use is thicker than other companies' materials and our frame welding is stronger. Importantly, there are horizontal braces and diagonal braces on the large frame to prevent the large frame from being twisted during the hoisting process.

We can ensure that the frame is firm and stable, and to avoid damage during transportation. And there are hoisting holes or lifting ears on the big frame, which can ensure the level of everyone, which is convenient for hoisting and moving.

main frame of cold roll forming machines