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The Introduction of Main Forming Part of The Roll Forming Machine

Sep,30,2023 << Return list

Let me introduce the main roll forming system. For guide feeding device, we adopted the design of 3 supports & 1 pressure. There are 3 stainless steels below the steel plate to support it from dropping, and 1 stainless steel to press it from upward. So that the steel plate would enter the main forming machine according to the established position. Stainless steel supporting roller plate to avoid scratching the color plate paint; it can help the material stay smooth and maintain a constant speed. Other companies products it inconvenient to use and slightly poor accuracy.There is a risk that the platform will scratch the color plate paint. And easily scratch the paint surface and affect the appearance. In addition, the feeding width is not adjustable. In the process of product design and manufacturing, we have added many friction reducing devices to extend the service life of the product.

There are three kinds of forming structure in main roll forming system. First is called medium-plate structure type and it is the regular type we use. It’s cheap but compare with other two kinds, the accuracy is not high and is not suitable for high-speed operation. Second is pillar structure type. It has high accuracy and suitable for high-speed operation. Third is arch structure type. It will be More strengthening and produce more neat production. There are two types of forming machine: integral forming type and split forming type. The former generally has 14-16 stations, and save the space. And the price is lower. The latter will be more than 20 rows of rollers so it need a larger space and the price is higher than integral forming type. But the product is much better flatter and more beautiful. The roller material we adopted are 45# steel, Cr12, GCr15 and GCr12MoV. The roller is manufactured by electroplating hard chromium and other processes to improve hardness, anti corrosion increase of service life. Compared with other companies, our equipment has better raw material quality and longer service life. You can order according to your needs.