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Different Decoilers Has Different Application Scenarios

Sep,26,2023 << Return list

Roofing sheet making machine mainly including six part: decoiler System, main roll forming system, hydraulic station, electric control system, shearing mechanism and products receiving table.

There are three types of Decoiler System in our company: Manual decoiler, Hydraulic decoiler and Electric decoiler. Compared with other companies product, our company’s manual decoilers have the manual brake and manual wheel convenient for decoiling material and it will not appear the deposition of material. Compared with other kinds of decoiler, manual decoiler, it has simple structure and low cost, but it’s work function is Passive Type. And the electric decoiler  is active type and also has simple structure and low cost. But the speed is unstable and easy to break. So it is generally not recommended. And then the hydraulic decoiler is active type. The machine start and stop working controlled by motor reducer and the working speed is adjustable. Rotary arm design is convenient for loading and unloading steel coils, which can be easily operated and used by one person so it can save labor. But it also has some disadvantage: it need high cost and more space. Compared with other company’s products, we have four square tube arms and Dovetail slot type. The four circular arc arms are very steady and will keep the coil in shape. Dovetail groove type diameter adjustment mode of the decoiler is more stable and has better bearing capacity. Compared with other types, Dovetail groove type will be more stable, and its bearing capacity is higher, so it can support the heavy coil. Besides, our company has two types of loading car: X Structure type and Guide pillar type. The former has long travel distance but small bearing capacity and the latter has short travel distance but large bearing capacity. 

So you choose the decoiler according to your needs. If you have any needs of the decoiler you can contact with me at any time!

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