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What is the difference between trapezoidal roof sheet machine and the glazed roof sheet machines?

Oct,08,2022 << Return list

The most obvious differences between the trapezoidal roof sheet machine and the glazed roof sheet machine is the forming and the shearing device, there are three types of that, we usually use the integrated type, the materials will not be wasted in the last section and the cutter, so it is not easy to buring the cutter. so it can save space and materials.


Economic version uses split type, the cutter is straight, and the distance from the counter to the pressing device is about 1m, so it will waste 0.7-1.5mm materials.


And if the customer require more beautiful products, then the die cutting type is needed, the copy cutter can cut the edge into designed shape. Can saving materials ,has low failure rate and not easy to stick with the cutter.