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What is the difference between different configuration machines?

Sep,29,2022 << Return list

As you saw, the machine mainly have above constituent parts . All of these parts have different configurations also can greatly influence the machine price, quality and service life. We are aim to design and manufacturing each part for good experience when you using and keep the machine costs not too high at the same time. By the way, we also support to customize the machine for you. If you have any requirement for anywhere on machine, just let me know before making quotation.

Next I will introduce two kinds of machine versions to you, different version have different configuration, certainly, the price also different. For different version, I will tell you where is different.


For the decoiler, the standard type is 5 tons manual decoiler. If you need, we also provide hydraulic decoiler, Loading capacity also depend on your coil weight. Manual decoiler is cheap, when you place order, we will give you for free. It is passive working type. Hydraulic decoiler can tensioning and turn automatically. Will bring you more higher working efficiency. But the price is certainly higher.

About the runout table, we have simple collect table and automatic stacker. Usually, if the machine is high speed version, we suggest you match one set automatic stacker.

These parts are optional according to your budget.