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Components of color steel tile press

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called roll forming machine

The tile press is also called roll forming machine, that is, the metal strip is driven by metal roller on a row of forming rollers in series. The metal plate is bent in order, and the metal plate is processed into the required shape. The rolling cold bending equipment has also been used in the manufacturing of bicycle wheel rim and umbrella frame.

The function of high input pulse is generally used in tile press

The detection part of tile press consists of pulse encoder, travel switch, operation button, emergency stop switch, start stop switch, etc. the executive part of tile press consists of variable frequency drive motor, hydraulic pump station motor and hydraulic solenoid valve

The debugging matters of color steel tile press are as follows:

1. It is necessary to adjust the level of the whole machine for the tile press of color steel. First, the height of the supporting legs of the front and rear rows of the tile press is the same as the upper end of the bottom shaft, and then straighten a line from the beginning to the end, and check whether the upper and lower shafts are in a straight line

2. After leveling, it is necessary to tighten the adjusting nuts on both sides to keep proper clearance between the upper and lower rows of forming shafts

3. If the pressing plate of color steel tile pressing machine deviates to the right, it is necessary to pad a little left corner of feeding rack or lower the level of right side

After years of development and improvement, the tile press can operate automatically as long as the parameters are set. If you want to operate automatically, you must set the operation parameters of PLC in advance. Here are the parameters to be set:

The parameters to be set are: single pulse length, overshoot, pressing interval, pressing time, cutting time, etc

The user parameters need to be set: the number of platens, the length of platens, the pitch, the number of segments, the preloading segments, etc