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Why cold roll forming machine more and more popular?

Oct,29,2021 << Return list

Why cold roll forming machine more and more popular?

Due to the fast developemnets of the mordern society, there are many traditional stamping and sheet metal bending production manufacturers starts using cold rolling production process machine , which is attributed the cause of the cold roll forming product the following advantages:

1. Lower down production cost and do batch production fully automatic.

Cold roll forming production can do the punching, notching, embossed, welding, adhesive, play yards, packing and other methods by one line fully automatically which are combined to further reduce production costs, while avoiding the between each process handling and inventory, also greatly reduced by workers and reduce the production time. So the cost will be quite lower.

2. Introduction of new products and new design.

For some new products, product section is complex, the most practical production technology is of cold roll forming; for other products can choose method and bending production, production of stamping and extrusion molding production; among them, production capacity of the highest or cold roll forming production; at the same time of steel tile cold bending machine can also meet the requirements of some special production, such as: high rebound or special materials, products or production of different lengths and punching hole and strict tolerance range of products.

Here is some machine picture for your reference:

 cold roll forming machine