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What are the advantages of the Galvanized steel floor deck machine?

Jul,17,2022 << Return list

Metal Floor Deck Machine is for producing metal flooring according to drawings. The thickness is 0.8-1.5mm as usual,  our metal deck roll forming machine is composed  of 10 ton hydraulic uncoiler with coil car, 2 part roll forming machine mill  for easy loading, hydraulic cutting system, hydraulic  station, controlled  box (all electrical elements comply with CE standards).

The advantages of the Galvanized steel floor deck machine are as follows: Firstly, floor decking sheet produced by this machine has the characteristics of low cost, light weight buy high strength, short in building period and re-use cycle.

Secondly, save material without waste. Thirdly, easy operation, low maintenance cost. Importantly, it is easy to install. Work Flow metal deck roll forming machine. Hydraulic uncoiler 5T- → Manual pre-cutter device- + Feeding guide device- → Roll forming system-> Hydraulic post cutter device- → AUTO outlet rack

Metal Floor Deck Machine