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What are the advantages of glazed tile roofing sheet machine and its product?

Jun,24,2022 << Return list

Compared with the trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine, the glazed roof tile roll forming machine is added a set of step-formed device in front of the shearing mechanism, aimed to form the steps. And the step forming device, will reduce the forming speed to 2-4m/min.

This machine including decoiler, system, main roll forming machine, feeding part, automatic shearing mechanism, step-formed mechanism, hydraulic station, electric control system and product receiving table. And these products are all for sale. Specific specifications will be determined according to customer requirement.

Glazed tile is mainly used for roofs and industrial and civil buildings.Its advantages are various shapes, beautiful and durable, convenient and quick installation and short construction time; high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good waterproof performance.

glazed roof tile roll forming machine