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The feature of our hydraulic decoiler

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The core tension is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the hydraulic system is provided with a pressure maintaining device, so that the core tension can not be relaxed after the motor of the hydraulic station stops. The hydraulic motor provides power to actively decoiler and discharge materials, which can automatically stop and start according to the running speed of the main forming machine, and the stepless variable speed motor can also adjust the output speed of the motor at any time.

This is the stainless steel baffle of the hydraulic decoiler, which is used to prevent the direct contact between the coil and the machine in order to protect the cold pressing machine. And the baffle is provided with a groove, so that when the steel coil is hoisted by a sling, it can be conveniently accessed.


Easy to load

Save labor

Actively decoiling and it is powered by the motor reducer, can automatically stop or start decoiling according to the working speed of the main roll forming system.