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How can we customized Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine?

Jul,10,2022 << Return list

The customized roofing sheet roll forming machine could be used to make specified roofing sheets according to customer's requirements. In some countries, they need a fairly thick coil to make roofing sheet up to 1.25mm. In some countries, they would like to use thin coil to make sheets to save cost. 

For some cases, if the customer knows the roofing sheet metal machine very well and would like to design each part himself. If all those designs are acceptable from technology point of view, we will make it completely according to customer's requirements.

If the thickness is 0.4 to 0.8 mm, this is quite normal. But for the thicker or thinner ones, it is necessary to customize them according to a special drawing. Take 1.25mm thicker coil for example, when you process this thicker coil to cover sheet, the roof panel roll forming machine must be quite strong.

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