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Products of Trapezoidal Roofing Sheet Machine

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General Industry Tech Hebei Developing Co.,Ltd. (GEIT Group) is a professional enterprise of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment,which is dedicated to the design and production of cold roll forming machines.Our factory can produce many kinds of equipments,including:Trapezoidal roofing sheet machine,Glazed tile roofing sheet machine,Corrugated roofing sheet machine,Double layer roofing sheet machine and Floor decking forming machine,and so on.

Trapezoidal roofing sheet, a kind of pressed plate made of colored coated steel plates, produced by Trapezoidal (IBR) roofing sheet machine has been widely used in the fields of modern architecture, industry and agriculture.And it has played a positive role as roof decoration, external wall decoration, etc. Compared to traditional building materials, this trapezoidal color steel tile can be selected in a variety of colors. The use on the roof can make the roof more beautiful, strengthen the rigid waterproof and increase the roof strength. When the product is used on the external wall, it can make the buildings and factories more beautiful, prevent the outer wall skin from falling off, and keep out the cold and heat insulation. Besides, this product with good corrosion resistance is not easy to rust and corrode in a long time in comparsion to traditional roofing sheet, so it effectively extend the service life. 

The following content are the advantages of the products by Trapezoidal (IBR) roofing sheet machine:

1.Light weight, good anti-corrosion, high strength, strong fire and rain prevention;

2. Appearance of the product is polished and beautiful;

3.Recycle and use again, save resource;

4.Convenient transportation and installation, reduce the project cost;

5. It is difficult to fade and can be used or preserved for long.

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