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what Are Advantages of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine?

May,15,2023 << Return list

We are not unfamiliar with the double layer roofing sheet machine. Let GEIT GROUP introduce the advantages of the Double layer roofing sheet machine mainly have the following three points.

1. Double layer color steel tile equipment between the high or low frame transformation, produce a kind of color steel plate installed on the lower frame of contour, producing a roll of another kind of plate installed in high above the frame, the production line has a despoiler, a cutting press, if the color plate feeding the lower roll, forming a plate type (e.g., bungalows with the Beatles and pack), such as material feeding high-level roll, and forming another- section- (layer- plate).

2. Double layer color steel tile machine, the emergence of this equipment, greatly save space, change the time of two kinds of plate has become short, but also improve the yield, but at the same time, because of the relative congestion, it is difficult to install auxiliary roller frame, it is difficult to adjust and- check- the- molding- condition.

3. In order to adapt to the two layers of the double material of the product, the cutting die also has two layers of height, and the processing equipment of the final product behind the cutting die should be able to adjust up and down to adapt to the export height of the two kinds of plate.

Is it a better understanding of the Double layer roofing sheet machine?