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How to Solve The Deviation of Steel Produced by IBR Roofing Sheet Machine

Nov,01,2023 << Return list

There will be a variety of problems in the process of production.One of the typical problems is the deviation of steels ,which is not caused by the poor quality of IBR Roofing Sheet Machine . So, how to solve the deviation of steels? We have summarized several methods to adjust the deviation:

There are many reasons for the deviation of machine.Once there is any problem, it is necessary to analyze the specific problem. What the first thing we should do is to see where the machine is going. If the machine run off to the right, you can use the iron to pad on the left corner of the guide feeding device.Or you can balance the right roller, and balance the shaft that run off. The upper roller should be in line with the lower roller. The symmetrical roller will not run off.

If the above methods can not solve the problem, you need to observe whether the height of the four corners of the front and back of the trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine is normal. First, adjust the four corners corresponding to the front and back rows of the machine from the main frame to the position of the same height as the upper shaft. Then from the first row to the last row, you straighten a straight line and observe whether the lower shaft is in a straight line.If not,please adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to a horizontal line.

You need to find the symmetry point of the first and last row of the machine, tighten the nuts on both sides, pull a straight line before and after the center of the middle runner, and adjust the space between the upper and lower shafts .Then please adjust the machine along the straight line.

In short, it is important to note that whether it is the roller or other parts of IBR sheet roll forming machine, you need to make them be aligned on both sides.Only in this way can they maintain symmetrical and the shape of the product will be regular.