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Do you know how to construct the light keel roll forming machine?

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Construction conditions of the light steel keel roll forming machine

1.During structural construction, the rebar boom should be buried in the cast-in-place concrete floor slab or prefabricated concrete floor slab seam, according to the requirements of the projectile, the embedded φ6 ~ φ10 steel bar mixed boom, when the shot gauge is not required, the rebar boom should be buried according to the arrangement position of the large keel, and the general spacing is 900 ~ 1200mm.

2.When the wall pillar of the ceiling room is a brick masonry, it should be buried along the wall and the surrounding of the column in the elevation position of the ceiling, and the anti-corrosion wood bricks should be buried during masonry, and the spacing along the wall is 900~1200mm.

3. After installing various pipelines and ventilation channels in the ceiling, determine the position of the lamp, vent and various exposed orifices.

4. Before the roof cover panel is installed, the wall and ground wet work projects should be completed.Set up the roof construction operation platform shelf.

5. Before the large-scale construction of the light steel skeleton roof, it should be a model room, and the arching degree of the ceiling, the structure treatment of the lamp slot, the vent, the blocking and the fixing method should be tested and approved before the large-scale construction can be carried out.

Have you learned how the keel sheet roll forming machine is constructed?

light steel keel roll forming machine